Painted by Dani

Custom hand-painted reusable water bottle designs



I wrote and illustrated "Throw It Away", a children's book about the journey of a plastic bag through the Costa Rican landscape. “Throw It ‘Away’” is meant to be a friendly red alert for young minds. It is well known that single-use plastic contaminates the planet. Yet, the extent of the damage caused has proved to be a revelation for many readers. The idea that the Ziplock bag used to store our snacks could return to us in our food is a shocking truth that many kids are not aware of.

In order to spread the word and incite change, I took the initiative to read my book to every Elementary class at Lincoln school (over 400 children). Four other schools have invited me to continue my virtual book readings in early 2021. 

Now that my book is about to be published by UNICEF and EUNED (the largest university publishing house in Central America), I am optimistic about impacting a global community. 

To me, early environmental education means hope.